Submission Policy

The George Washington University Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Brief ("IPEL Brief") is organized and run by GW Law students to encourage and stimulate interest and proficiency in the discipline of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law. We would like to provide students a forum (blog website) to write short pieces on current IP and Entertainment legal issues.

The IPEL Brief will publish blog posts on a weekly basis on a hosted website and will also publish a semesterly brief (in PDF format) that showcases students’ work. Additionally, the Brief will also organize events and opportunities to foster this interest in Entertainment Law.

The IPEL Brief is not a journal. Rather the Brief is an open forum where students can submit and discuss substantive current IP issues. The IPEL Brief is also not exclusive and we do not limit membership by a selective process.

The views and opinions expressed on this website and in any publications are those of the individual author, and do not necessarily reflect or state the views and opinions of The George Washington University Law School, The George Washington University, or any other entities. Any comments posted to this website may be edited for inappropriate content, length, or other reasons at the discretion of the IPEL Brief staff.